Middle School Summer STEM Academy Moves to Fallon Middle School

Foundation Staff
January 23, 2019

Dublin Partners in Education is happy to announce, that due to the rapid growth of the Middle School STEM Academy in recent years, the decision has been made to move the program to Fallon Middle School for the 2019 summer session. We expect more than 500 enrollments in this summer’s program which will offer two twelve-day sessions between June 5 – July 11.

Ms Wasson

Ms. Megan Wasson from Fallon Middle School, will be teaching Project Based Math for grades 6-7 at the Summer STEM Academy.

Excitement About the Move to Fallon

“We are excited about the move to Fallon,” said DPIE Board President, Sobia Qureshi. “We think it will better serve the learning needs of students in grades 6, 7 and 8 by allowing them to learn in a traditional middle school setting as opposed to taking classes on the high school campus. This move is what parents have been asking for and all of us at DPIE are thrilled at the increased number of students taking advantage of STEM classes offered in the program.” 

Bridging to Alegbra 1

Ms. Mary Kimball teaching Bridging to Algebra 1.

High Interest Courses Keep Minds Engaged

“Research tells us that keeping students actively engaged in learning during the Summer months is a positive for students and will help mitigate learning-loss that often occurs during a long summer break,” explained Qureshi. “Taking these high-interest, hands-on and activity-based classes will keep minds actively engaged in the summer and students will be better prepared for school in the fall. We are thankful that the school district was supportive of the idea of moving the program to Fallon.”

Online enrollment in the summer program opened on January 15th and nearly 100 students have already enrolled. “Students have 16 different courses to choose from and can take anywhere from 1 – 4 courses during the program,” said DPIE Academy Director Rich Boschetti. “We have been very fortunate to recruit some outstanding educators from the Dublin Unified School District (DUSD) to work in our program and we continue to expand the number and breath of course offerings.”

Students enjoying Design and Modeling course

Students enjoying Design and Modeling course.

DPIE Expands Course Offerings

In addition to popular courses like Bridge to Algebra 1, Automation & Robotics, Design & Modeling and The Science of Forensics, last summer DPIE added Beginning Dance Intensive taught by DHS dance instructor Sharlene Sabonis, the six-week Actors Workshop class being offered by Dublin High Drama teacher Katt DeLapp, and Web Design & Writing taught by Fallon teacher Amanda Werner.

This summer DPIE is introducing seven new courses including Project Based Math for 6th & 7th grade students, Introduction to Video Production and Advanced Video Production, Mindful Movement-Yoga for Middle School Students, Minecraft Modding & Game Design, Leadership and Computer Science for Innovators & Makers.

Science for Forensics

Ms. Karen Brown, engaging students in her Science of Forensics class.

Each of these courses will engage students in their learning and create excitement and enthusiasm for new ideas and learning in the years ahead. To learn more about DPIE Middle School Academy summer classes, visit our middle school programs page.

Automation and Robotics

Students learning Automation and Robotics under the watchful eye of Mr. Jim Parsons.