Calendar Art Contest Winners Announced

May 16, 2018

Winners of the “What Makes You Smile?” Calendar Art Contest with the DUSD School Board and members of the DPIE Board and foundation staff. All proceeds from the calendar will be used to finance programs for all the students within the district which would otherwise go unfunded.

On May 8th the winners of the Dublin Partners in Education “What Makes You Smile?” Calendar Art Contest were announced at the Dublin Unified School District (DUSD) Board Meeting. This contest was developed to feature student art work in a wall calendar that will be sold as a fundraiser for our organization. The contest was open to all students within the DUSD with a winner being selected from each school site. All winning artwork will be featured  in a month, with the grand prize winner also being featured on the cover.

DHS Senior and Grand Prize winner Jenelle Barbier, with DPIE Board Members (l to r) Amy Miller, Catheryn Grier, and Linda Smith. We had 156 beautiful entries from 10 of the 11 school sites. Two winners were selected from Amador Elementary School, as they had the most submittals. The 12th month will feature a collage of our second and third place winners. Originally, online voting was going to be an element to select the finalists who would be reviewed by our panel of judges. However, that was quickly deemed inequitable, as not all families had access to vote online. The online voting remained active on our website so that the community could continue to view the students’ artwork, but it played no part in the determining the winners. That very difficult task was left to our distinguished panel of judges, which included a member from the DUSD School Board; employees from our partners, Fremont Bank, Amador Valley Industries, El Monte RV; members from the Dublin Chamber of Commerce; and artists from the community. The judges viewed all 156 pieces to determine the winners. Presales for the calendar will be available soon on our website, with the calendar to be available in late July. The cost will be $20 with all proceeds from the calendar will be used to finance programs for all the students within the district which would otherwise go unfunded.

Calendar Contest Results

Shreya Shivakumar – Grade 3 Amador Elementary School - First Place

Greeshma Adiga – Grade 5 Amador Elementary School - Second Place

  • Abheek Kurmapu, Grade K Amador Elementary School - Third Place

Dhruv Rajput – Grade 2 Dougherty Elementary School - First Place

  • Anay Sharma, Grade 4 Dougherty Elementary School - Second Place
  • Srilalitha Srigiri, Grade 3 Dougherty Elementary School - Third Place

Sophie Park – Grade 2 Dublin Elementary School - First Place

  • Yagnyaa Srivatsa, Grade 1 Dublin Elementary School - Second Place
  • Iksha Alla, Grade 1 Dublin Elementary School - Third Place

Sophia Dyer – Grade 5 Frederiksen Elementary School - First Place

  • William Warnock, Grade 1 Frederiksen Elementary School - Second Place
  • Shivani Prabaharan, Grade K Frederiksen Elementary School - Third Place

Isha Parekh – Grade 4 Green Elementary School - First Place

  • Irene Moon, Grade 5 Green Elementary School - Second Place
  • Kashvi Bhaskaran, Grade K Green Elementary School - Third Place

Zoya Nomani – Grade 5 Kolb Elementary School - First Place

  • Avinash Amanchi, Grade 3 Kolb Elementary School - Second Place
  • Aryaman Majumder, Grade 1 Kolb Elementary School - Third Place

Aarna Prasad – Grade 2 Murray Elementary School - First Place

  • Allyson Sicat, Grade 4 Murray Elementary School - Second Place
  • Aasmi Suryavanshi, Grade 1 Murray Elementary School - Third Place

Mannat Dhot – Grade 7 Fallon Middle School - First Place

  • Melia Hsu, Grade 7 Fallon Middle School - Second Place
  • Sudiksha Vaidyanathan, Grade 7 Fallon Middle School - Third Place

Pranitha Rajaa – Grade 6 Wells Middle School - First Place

  • Katherine Giang, Grade 6 Wells Middle School - Second Place

Jenelle Barbier – Grade 12 Dublin High School - First Place & Grand Prize

  • Jenny Wang, Grade 9 Dublin High School - Second Place
  • Sarina Qureshi, Grade 12 Dublin High School - Third Place

Special Thanks!

We want to thank all the students who shared their amazing talents with us. Your creativity will ensure our calendar fundraiser is a great success.