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The STEM Enrichment Academy Academic Summer Program

Online Enrollment opens January 2020

The Dates for the Summer Program are June 2nd - July 10th, 2020

Who Can Enroll in the DPIE Summer Program

Dublin Students – Dublin students who have met the prerequisites and grade criteria for math and science courses and have been approved by Dublin High School may enroll in DPIE Summer courses. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive Credit for the course on their DHS transcript.

Students enrolling in DPIE Physical Education and Elective courses do not need to get Pre-approved and may enroll online as soon as enrollment opens on January 25th. Students who want to take DPIE course for enrichment or exposure only may also enroll on January 25th without prior approval.

Non-Dublin Students – If you attend school outside of the Dublin School district, you may enroll in our classes for enrichment purposes only. You may only receive credit for successfully completing a course with us if your current school district approves you to take the course with us for credit.  You will have to check with the Educational Services department in your school district to learn what process they have for getting outside classes approved.

How do I get Approval to take a course in the DPIE summer program? 

All students who want to take a course for advancement purposes must be pre-approved by Dublin High to take a summer class for credit and to have the grade added to their transcript.   

The Online Approval Application link is now LIVE on our website.

The Dublin High School approval process will be paperless.  All students who want to take a math or science class in the DPIE Summer Program will be able to submit their request online by clicking the link below after January 18th, 2019. Simply complete the information asked for and submit your request. Students enrolling in Physical Education classes do not need prior approval and may enroll as soon as enrollment opens.

As requested by Dublin Unified School District, enrollment for DPIE's STEM Enrichment Academy high school courses will not open until first semester grades have been recorded on student transcripts.  First semester grades will be recorded at Dublin High by January 25th, 2019.


Summer Program Dates & Times

  • Six weeks - June 5th to Friday July 12th.

  • Semester Courses are three weeks
    - 1st Semester is June 5th to 21st
    - 2nd Semester is June 24th to July 12th
    NO SCHOOL  - Thursday, July 4th 2019 

  • Class Time – Monday to Friday 8am – 12:45pm.

  • Semester course can only be taken in Physical Education and Elective classes.

Because the Teacher Work Day for DUSD is on Monday June 3, the STEM Academy is starting one day later than normal. To accommodate for this lost time, all Friday class times will run from 8am – 12:45pm as they do Monday through Thursday.

Cost of High School Programs – Enroll Early and Save

 All 6-week, year-long Summer high school courses

  • $950 – January 25th to February 28th
  • $1,000 – March 1st to March 31st
  • $1,050 – April 1st to June 5th

3-week semester courses

  • $475 – January 25th to February 28th
  • $500 – March 1st to March 31st
  • $525 – April 1st to June 5th for 1st semester and June 21st for second semester

What are the pre-requisites and grade criteria required for approvals?

 Math Pre-Requisites and Grade Criteria

**NOTE: Students may only take one Algebra based course for acceleration through DPIE. They can take either Algebra 1 or Algebra 2/Trigonometry in DPIE, but they cannot take both classes through any Summer program.

Science Pre-Requisites & Grade Criteria

 Biology with Research

  • Student must be entering grades 9 or 10 in the Fall (2019 – 2020 school year).
  • Students wanting to enroll in this class must have a strong “B” or better in both their current science and English classes.
  • Note: Students enrolling in the Biomedical Academy must take this class during the regular school year and cannot take this class in the Summer.

Honors Chemistry

  • Successful completion of or concurrently enrolled in Alg.2/Trig class.
  • Successful completion of Biology with Research.

Physical Education and Elective Courses

  • Students who want to enroll in Physical Education or Elective programs do not need prior approval from the high school and may register as soon as registration opens on January 25, 2019.
  • Physical Education credit earned during the Summer counts toward the completion of the Sophomore PE requirement and does not satisfy the requirement of Physical Education for Freshman. This means all freshman will be required to take Physical Education in their Freshman year.

List of High School Courses


Grade Level:      9 - l2
Dates:                June 5 – July 12
Prerequisite:    Current 8th Grade Student - An 86.5% “B+” or better if coming from 8th grade Common Core Math 3.
Credits:             10 Credits

This course is a Dublin High School math graduation requirement. Functions and data analysis topics are enhanced through labs and student projects. The graphing calculator is an essential tool and helps clarify concepts through visualization. This course meets college admission requirements. Students must pass both semesters of this course to meet the state high school graduation requirements.

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Grade Level:      9 -11
Dates:                 June 5 – July 12
Prerequisite:     An 82.5% “B” grade if coming from Middle School Algebra 1.
                            An 86.5% “B+” if coming from High School Algebra 1.
Credits:              10 Credits

This course is a Dublin High School math graduation requirement. Memorization of geometry theorems and definitions is expected. Common Core State Standards for Geometry are included in the curriculum. Students will learn the basics of geometry and its language, reasoning skills and methods of proof, shapes of two and three dimensions and their properties and size measurements, similarity, geometric probability and transformations. A scientific calculator is required.
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Grade Level:            9 - 12
Dates:                       June 5 – July 12
Prerequisite:           Student must have earned an 89.5% “A-“ or better in Geometry
                                  Student must have earned an 89.5% in Algebra 1 as well
Credits:                    10 Credits

This course is a Dublin High School math graduation requirement. This course teaches the Common Core State Standards for Algebra II. Topics studied include equations, functions, graphing, matrices, sequences and series, coordinate geometry, conic sections, statistics, data analysis, and probability in addition to algebra concepts. The use of graphing calculator technology enhances the study of these topics. It is strongly recommended that students have their own graphing calculator.

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Grade Level:       10-12
Dates:                   June 5 – July 12
Prerequisite:        Student must have earned an 82.5% “B” in Algebra II/Trig.
Credits:                 10 Credits

A comprehensive study of Trigonometry is covered in the first semester with the second semester curriculum covering such topics as advanced functions, conics, and discrete mathematics. This is a rigorous course that prepares students for advance levels of mathematics. Students should have a strong math background and very good study skills. Students need to have a graphing calculator.

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Grade Level:      9 - 12
Dates:                 June 5 – June 20 | June 24 – July 10 or both sessions - Please note date changes
Prerequisite:      None
Credits:               5 or 10 Credits

This course builds on the basic foundation of the ninth-grade core program. The goal of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to choose life-time activities and increase their skill proficiency, strength, flexibility and conceptual learning specific to each instructional unit. These activities include football, ultimate frisbee, soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, and lacrosse.

For incoming freshman, this course credit will apply to their 2nd year of PE as required for graduation.  Students will still be required to take freshman PE in their 9th grade year.

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Grade Level:         9 - 10
Dates:                   June 5 – July 12
Prerequisite:        Student must have earned 82.5% "B" or better in science and English
Credits:                 10 Credits

Students in Biology with Research are challenged with more hands on learning and focus on the Biology standards as they participate in research of their own design as well as national scientific studies. The focus on labs helps prepare students for future scientific endeavors. In order to receive Biology with Research credit you must participate in the DPIE Science Fair in July. Biology with Research introduces students to the study of life. During the first semester students learn about life on a cellular level; in the second semester emphasis is placed on the interaction of organisms with each other and the environment. Students will be expected to read at or above grade level and to be capable of independent work. Critical thinking, lab work and reporting are emphasized.

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Grade Level:       10-12
Dates:                  June 5 – July 12
Prerequisite:      Successful completion of Algebra II with Trigonometry or above;
                             Successful completion of all semesters of previous math and science classes
Note:                   Students taking Honors Chemistry during the summer are required to enroll in AP Chemistry the following school year
Credits:               10 Credits

Honors Chemistry is a rigorous class meant for students intending to major in math/science/computers/pre-med. Use of a graphing calculator is required for this course. Chemistry is concerned with the chemical properties of substances. Topics include: properties of matter; atomic theory, electron clouds and probability, periodic trends, chemical formulas, chemical reactions, chemical bonding kinetic theory, the gas laws, properties of solutions, reaction rates, acids and bases, oxidation-reduction and entropy.

At Dublin High School, as with most schools, Honors Chemistry is the prerequisite to taking AP Chemistry.

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