Career & College Exploration

Helping Students Find Their Path

DPIE supports programs which allow students in the Dublin Unified School District to explore career paths or continuing education opportunties they may not have considered or had the means to pursue. We want to ignight the spark to inspire them to achieve their potiential. We assist students in putting the pieces together to help them choose classes to take in high school to help them achieve their goals. 

Career Exploration - Middle School (Grade 8)

We provide grant money to our middle schools in support of Career Exploration Day. Each middle school arranges for dynamic speakers from various degrees to come and speak to 8th graders. Generally this event occurs before they select their classes for high school to help them consider various educational paths available to them.

Click here read more about the 2019 Career Fair at Wells Middle School.

PSAT Testing for All High School Students - (Grade 9, 10, 11)

We coordinate with the Dublin Unified School District to fund PSAT testing for all 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. Offering testing to all students offers many benefits. Students to take the test with the best possible circumstances - during school day, in a familiar environment, with  teachers who care can reduce test anxiety. It also offers equitabiliy, as typically, the PSAT is offered on Saturday at various locations throughout the Bay Area. Students need to find the site, make the time, and often arrange for transportation. Not all of our students can do this on their weekend.

As explained by Principal of Dublin High School, Maureen Bryne, "Having students take the test starting Freshman year, creates a college going culture from day one. We want students to have as many opportunities as possible. Some of our students may not go to college, but we want that to be their choice, not their only option."

After taking the test, students are provided the option to sign for free tutoring through Khan Academy, which help them focus on the sections they need to improve. Thus giving them the opportunity to increase their performance on subsequent tests.

Providing the test to all students, allows our high school administrators and counselors the ability to look at trends in student performance across all students.Highlighting areas to address as well as opportunities for additional challenges, specifically AP Potential. Administration receives a report which highlights students who could do well in an AP classes.