STEM Enrichment (6-12)

Science Technology Engineering Math = STEM

DPIE's STEM Enrichment Academy's goal is to assist students with their academic goals and needs through accelerated courses for high school credit and enrichment courses for middle school. Our program is focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

DPIE STEM Enrichment Academy is WASC accredited and our courses meet or exceed California Standards; follow the DUSD curriculum and are taught only by credentialed teachers.

The STEM Enrichment Academy summer program is fast-paced and rigorous. A successful student experience is the result of working hard each and every day. The principals, teachers and staff are dedicated to students receiving a quality educational experience.

DPIE and its Academy are a separate and independent organization from Dublin Unified School District receiving NO funding from the district. One-hundred precent of our operating costs come from the fees that are charged to the parents of our students. Any profits generated by the Academy are donated back to support programs in the Dublin Unified School District. This includes Schools, Parent Faculty Clubs, Student Councils, educational programs and more.

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Academy Program Manager
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Academy Superintendent
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