DPIE Announces 30th Anniversary Gala

Rich Boschetti, DPIE Academy Director
October 25, 2023

Dublin Partners in Education (DPIE) is delighted to announce its 30th Anniversary Gala to celebrate its long-standing commitment to supporting K-12 education in the Dublin community. The event is on Friday, December 8th, and it will be held at the Dublin Ranch Golf Clubhouse from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Celebrating 30 Years of Impact and Community Support

Join us for a night of celebration as we reflect on DPIE's incredible journey and our commitment to fostering education in the Dublin community. DPIE has dedicated itself to giving back and we have contributed a remarkable $625,000 in the last eight years to support education initiatives.

The night promises to be filled with delicious food, cocktails, dancing and great company, so prepare to be dazzled. Dress to impress with a 90s flare as our Gala promises to be a delightful blend of entertainment and heartfelt reminiscence. It's the perfect opportunity to reconnect with old friends and teachers, this is a night you won't want to miss!

DPIE's Impact: Making a Difference in Education

The DPIE After School Enrichment Program stands as a cornerstone of our commitment, with over 2,400 students enrolled in 150 diverse courses across all 8 elementary schools this Fall. During the summer, we once again, expanded our reach, offering enrichment programs for students at the elementary and middle school level and an academic summer high school program.


DPIE Gives Back $625,000 in Support of Education

Key Contributions That Define Our Impact

  1. $189,000 After School Enrichment – Funds donated to the 8 DUSD elementary schools for their support of the After School Enrichment Program.

  2. $150,000 Technology Grant - - Providing 576 Chromebooks and 16 power carts for students across all schools in the district.

  3. $120,000 in School Grants - $10,000 per school to support educational programs at each site.

  4. $60,000 Middle School Music - Collaborating with Dublin Rotary and local middle school music instructors to host two successful fireworks booths, raising funds for music needs at the district's three middle schools.

  5. $42,000 Awarded in Student Scholarships - Recognizing the achievements of graduating seniors from Dublin & Valley High Schools.

  6. $30,000 PSAT testing – Money used to provide PSAT testing during the school day to all Dublin High School students over three years.

  7. $10,000 Heart Screening – Offering crucial services for 376 high school student athletes.

  8. $10,000 for Career Education – Supporting comprehensive Career Education activities at each of the three district middle schools.

  9. $10,000 Financial Aid - Helping low-income families enroll their children in after-school and summer enrichment courses, including the DPIE Summer High School Academy.

  10. $4,000 One City One Book - Providing essential books and support for the district-wide project.

Our comprehensive initiatives reflect DPIE's unwavering dedication to enriching the educational experience for students within the Dublin community. The upcoming Gala and our continuous efforts stand as a testament to our enduring commitment to education and the holistic development of the Dublin community.

Join us as we celebrate our collective accomplishments and look forward to an even brighter future for education in Dublin.

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