Fireworks Booth 2022

Fireworks Booth 2021 - DPIE, Rotary, DUSD Middle School Music

This year, DPIE and Dublin Rotary have partnered with the music programs at Cottonwood Creek, Fallon and Wells to raise funds to purchase needed music equipment for each school’s program. Not only will you get a little bang for your buck, but you’ll have a chance to visit some of the music boosters from each school and maybe even get a chance to speak to your favorite music teacher while you’re there.

“I’m very excited that we are partnering with the middle school music programs.  The benefits of music education are immense and highly beneficial to students. Music positively impacts a child’s academic performance, assists in developing social skills and provides an outlet for a child’s development. Music education catapults a child’s learning to new heights and we are happy to help these schools raise funds so they can enhance their programs.” said DPIE Board President, Sobia Qureshi.

Two Booths to Choose From

In addition to the DPIE booth in front of Marshalls, the Rotary booth will be in the vacant lot across from Safeway on Tassajara Rd. This makes shopping for your celebration supplies and supporting your middle school’s music program even easier. We encourage all families to shop early this year since the pandemic has caused delays in overseas shipments and supplies of the firework you’ve been waiting to purchase for the last year may be limited.  So shop early and avoid the rush and make sure to get the fireworks that will put a little extra bang in your neighborhood festivities.

Support Dublin’s young musicians by purchasing your 4th of July fireworks at the DPIE Booth in front of Marshalls or the Rotary booth on Tassajara this year.

If you would like to volunteer to help in the Fireworks Booth, please send an email to