COVID-19 Academy Update

May 12th, 2020

Thank you for your continued support of DPIE.  We have been working hard to put our regular classroom programs into an online distance learning/enrichment format to offer the best program we can this summer to all students.


Summer Academy High School

All our courses have been transitioned to an online distance learning format, except for Honors Chemistry, as there were challenges to move a lab-based course online.   We have written to every student enrolled or waitlisted in our program, with a copy of the new proposed online distance learning syllabus for their consideration and to ask if they wish to continue with their enrollment or get a refund. The refund deadline was May 11, 2020. 

If you are currently on a waitlist for a course and have been approved, we will be contacting you very soon, based on the date of that waitlist enrollment, to see if you are still interested in moving forward with your enrollment in the new format.  Please visit our Summer Academy High School page to see the new proposed online distance learning syllabus course by courseIf you have not heard from us, or have questions, please email us at


Summer Academy Middle School

We are currently working with our instructors to see if they can move their courses to an online distance enrichment format.  We are aiming to email all enrolled students early next week with our new or modified course offerings and options for their current enrollments, so please look out for that email.

Math Course 3 – If you are enrolled or waitlisted, we have sent you several emails over the last few days with the outline of this course moving to a distance learning format with an option for a refund.  We are now calling all students who are currently on the waitlist by date of waitlist enrollment.  Click here to see the new online syllabus.


Summer Academy Elementary

Following the positive feedback from parents on our elementary spring after school program moving some classes online, we have been working with our instructors and vendors to modify and add some new and exciting enrichment classes for our elementary students.

If you are enrolled, you will be receiving an email from us by the end of this week or next week outlining the new courses we are offering or modifying, asking if you would like to stay enrolled in those courses and what other options you have.  Please look out for that email.


Spring After School Academy

Several emails have been sent to all parents outlining the following options for enrolled students.

  • Pro-Rated Refund - If you want a refund to your credit card for a course that has already started, you have the option of receiving a pro-rated refund. As an example, if 3 of the 10 scheduled courses have already occurred, you will receive a 70% refund to your credit card. NOTE: If your child’s class did not start prior to the school shutdown, you will receive a 100% refund to your credit card.

  • 100% Credit For Next Year – Instead of receiving a pro-rated refund, DPIE is able to provide you with a 100% credit of the enrollment fee on your DPIE account which you will be able to use to enroll any child in your family in next year’s After School Program. 

  • Donation to Your Child’s School – As most of you know, DPIE donates proceeds from each of our After School sessions back to your child’s school. Since the spring program will not be able to be completed this year, there will not be available funds to donate back. So, if you wish, DPIE can treat the money we would have refunded to you as a “donation to your child’s school.” DPIE will generate a donation letter to you acknowledging your donation and will present the accumulated funds to your school along with the names of those parents who choose to donate their enrollment fees. This will be a tax deductible donation.

If you have not contacted us for any of the above 3 options, please send us an email at  with you preferred option.


Thank you for your continued patience and flexibility as we work to provide the best summer program we can offer at this challenging time.


All the best to you and your families from everyone at DPIE.