Supporting Music Education in Our DUSD Middle Schools

Rich Boschetti, DPIE Academy Director
October 25, 2022

During the past summer, DPIE with the Rotary Club of Dublin and the music programs at Cottonwood Creek, Fallon and Wells Middle School partnered together in the City of Dublin’s annual Fireworks Sale and helped raise a total of $26,197 in support of the music programs at the three schools.

This is the second year in a row that these three groups have worked together and in that time, their combined efforts have pumped more than $52,000 into the middle school music programs in the Dublin Unified School District supporting their expanding programs.

Each school received one-third of the profits which amounted to $8,732.  All three band directors, Nicholas Garcia from Fallon, Jasper Tran from Cottonwood and senior band leader, Erik “Bert” Bertelson (who just completed his 44th year of instruction at Wells Middle School), were all extremely appreciative of the partnership.


The Music of Partnership

Asked about the three-way partnership between DPIE, Rotary and the middle school music programs, DPIE Board Member and Dublin Elementary parent, Tara Bhuthimethee said,

This partnership reflects DPIE's leadership as a local non-profit organization by bringing people together for a common goal and connecting the dots between opportunity, execution, and shared success.

DPIE values the partnerships it has with Rotary and the Middle School Music programs because it allows us to work together to raise funds while forging relationships in the process. With Rotary, the partnership is an easy one, because our missions are so aligned in giving back to the community. Partnering with the music programs supports one of DPIE's four Pillars of Service - Arts Education.


Funds Support Growth in Music Programs

All three band directors cited that the growth in the district has challenged them to find ways to make sure that all students have a chance to experience music education and participate in traditional band activities.

Jasper Tran – Cottonwood Creek“As a relatively new school, this funding helps us establish a stronger foundation so we can continue to build a quality program for our students.”

  • Purchase of New Equipment
    • Drums for students in grades 1-3
    • Guitars for students in grades 4--5
    • Sheet music for grades 4 – 8
  • Instruments for the 4-8 grade band & orchestra
  • Pay for band competition fees & travel costs
  • Help launch extracurricular programs like color guard, percussion ensemble and a winter drum major.


Nicholas Garcia – FallonThese funds help us invest directly into the stability and qualify of our programs.”

  • Purchase new instruments for our music program and to pay for needed maintenance of older instruments.
  • Help pay the cost of competition fees, music field trips, marching band and uniform maintenance
  • We hope to bring in professional guest artist to help students learn how professional musicans go about their business and to enhance their appreciation of music.
  • Help to maintain expensive band uniforms.



Erik Bertelson – WellsWith the partnership with DPIE and Rotary, we are reinforcing and investing directly into the stability and growth of our program.

  • Purchase of new equipment as our program continues to grow and to help pay the maintenance cost of existing equipment.
  • Help pay the cost of entering competitions as well as transportation.
  • Purchase of new band uniforms and maintenance of existing uniforms.
  • Opportunity to bing in professional guest artist who help students understand how these professionals think, practice and perform.


Where Service, Friendship and Fun Meet

When asked about the importance of partnering with the music programs in the DUSD, Dublin Rotary President and former Assistant Superintendent in the DUSD, Valarie Williams made the following observation.

At Rotary, we know the value of providing opportunities for students to participate in the performance arts. Students who are engaged in the "arts" are more apt to be academically successful in school and actively engaged in their learning. Working in partnership with our middle school music programs and DPIE we have demonstrated a strong commitment to ensuring that the music program not only continues but grows and thrives for years to come.

Join us in the Summer of 2023 as once again, the middle school music programs with join Dublin Rotary and DPIE at the annual Firework Sales.  You can help too but purchasing your 4th of July celebration supplies at one of our booths. Your purchase will help bring music to our city!