Dublin Partners in Education Continues Endowment of PSAT at Dublin High School

Michael Utsumi, Funding & Programs Coordinator
November 4, 2019

Every October, millions of high school students take the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT). Generally, it is sophomores and juniors that take the exam. However, seniors are eligible to participate, and ninth graders are often encouraged to experience the process. The exam serves two separate purposes. Firstly, it is kind of a rehearsal for students that plan to take the SAT - most colleges require these results for admission. Secondly, it is used to assist in identifying students for National Merit Scholarships. 

Earlier this year, the DPIE board cemented its commitment to Dublin students by authorizing a grant of $30,000 to cover all costs.   This is the third consecutive year, DPIE has underwritten the cost for the PSAT – specifically for students from grades 9-11.  Depending upon the State, the individual cost is between $12-17 per student. However, additional fees could be added for administrative or proctoring costs. The general philosophy in play is to impact as many students as possible and to unlock the potential for those that may not feel that they are college material. 

For a bit of perspective, we reached out to Dublin High School Principal Maureen Byrne to solicit her thoughts.

DPIE: Please share the value of the PSAT.  How should students evaluate and then act upon their results? 

Byrne: “Having the PSAT administered on campus during the school day is first an issue of equity. It is a great service to the community that allows ALL students the opportunity to participate. Many surrounding districts test their 11th graders. The fact that we, thanks to DPIE, can offer it starting 9th grade year, allows our students to connect with Khan Academy for targeted tutoring.”

“As a school we use the AP Potential report to identify students who could be successful in AP classes. Often these are students who do not "see themselves" as such. Once the results are available in December, we will send out information to have parents sign up for tutoring and use the scores to help guide them to improve before the high stakes SAT. We have also seen an increase in our National Merit Scholars.  This year we have 68 Commended Scholars and 18 Semi Finalist.” 

The Dublin Partners in Education are pleased to continue the support of this worthwhile endeavor. It is through our fundraising efforts, business sponsorships and the success of our after-school STEAM academy that allows us to continue this endowment – now and into the future.