DPIE Donates $16,000 to DUSD Elementary Schools

Rich Boschetti, DPIE Academy Director
October 7, 2020

This Fall, DPIE donated $2,000 to each of the 8 elementary schools in the Dublin School District for their support of the DPIE After School Enrichment Program. The Principal and the Parent Faculty Club at each elementary school received $1,000 apiece to support school programs on their campus. The $16,000 donation is the largest single seasonal amount ever made by DPIE from the After School Enrichment Program and is a reflection on the growing desire of Dublin families for high-interest after school courses for their students.  During the 2019 – 2020 school year more than 3,000 enrollments were taken in DPIE courses.

After School Courses Began at Parents Request

The After School Enrichment Program began in the Fall of 2016 in response to parent requests for more after school enrichment course options for their students.  The Program began at Dougherty Elementary School and expanded to all 8 Dublin elementary schools over the following two years. DPIE hires as many DUSD teachers as possible to “teach their passions” as well as partnering with outside vendors to offer a wide range of courses. As enrollments have grown, so have the donations back to DUSD schools bringing the four-year total to $89,600.

DPIE’s Mission is to Support Dublin Schools & Students

Following DPIE’s mission, DPIE Board Vice President, Rameet Kohli, said, "DPIE has been and always will be here to support our schools and students. Despite the fact that nearly 75% of our After School Enrichment Program was shut down last spring, we are still able to donate $16,000 to Dublin's elementary schools to help them get through this challenging time."

Program Feedback

“I have been around for a few years now and the DPIE program has a great reputation and our parents have faith in the program. The fact that so many Dublin Elementary teachers offer classes in the DPIE program is wonderful for students. This is such a win-win for our kids.”
Phuong Fiscella, Dublin Elementary PFC President

“Enrollments in the DPIE After School Enrichment Programs at Kolb have grown so much over the last few years due to the strong reputation DPIE has established as an organization truly dedicated to supporting all students of Dublin. Kolb families continue to enjoy the growing list and variety of programs offered and can trust that no matter which program they register their child in, the class will be taught by a highly qualified instructor.”
Ursala Richardson, Kolb Elementary PFC President

“The advantage of taking DPIE After School classes is the ability for students to take enrichment classes in a familiar setting, with teachers they know.  DPIE provides a range of classes in many high demand topics and I love that my daughter can be exposed to new topics right in her own school.  The price is very comparable to outside vendors who do not give back to our schools as DPIE does. DPIE after school classes are a great choice.”
Catherine Kuo, DUSD School Board Member

“After school enrichment allows our students to pursue their passions and explore other interests that encourage their love of learning.”
Meghan Boriskin, Principal Murray Elementary

“While reading and math are the foundational learning skills that all students need, it is the area of hobbies and interests, where true life-long learning happens.  There is a huge benefit to having these courses at the school site immediately after school hours so students do not have to worry about transportation to another site to do extracurricular activities.”
Clara Lee, Principal Kolb Elementary 

“After school STEAM classes provide students an additional opportunity to use their critical thinking skills in a fun and engaging manner.  DPIE classes offer a structured, yet creative and often open-ended, time for children to think, explore, build, collaborate, and extend their thinking on a variety of topics.  We are fortunate to have this great partnership in our school district!”
Claire Mognaga, Principal Frederiksen Elementary

Winter Session Opens October 12th

Due to the pandemic, all DPIE After School Enrichment courses are being taught in a distance learning format. We have over 300 students enrolled in one or more of our 27 Fall courses.  Enrollment in winter session begins on October 12th and courses begin on November 30 and run through to the end of February 2021. 

We are offering some new courses for our Winter After School Enrichment Program from coding, chess, art, writing and juggling to public speaking, Yoga, dance, artificial intelligence, environmental education, reader’s book club and more.  There is something for every student!

To learn more about the courses being offered in the winter session,  simply click here.