2018 DPIE STEM Academy Enrollment Begins December 1st


December 1, 2017

DPIE STEM Summer Academy for high school students is now open for enrollment. The Academy's summer program provides students with an opportunity to accelerate their learning and academic progress. Savings offered for early enrollment - Learn more & enroll online

Fresh off a record number 1,064 student enrollments in last Summer’s STEM Enrichment Academy, DPIE opens enrollment for the 2018 DPIE STEM Academy on Friday December 1st. DPIE will once again offer Dublin students the opportunity to accelerate their academic program by taking math, science, Physical Education and elective courses this summer.

Four New Courses Added

Besides the regular math and science classes like, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus, Honors Chemistry etc., that DPIE has always offered, four new courses are being added for student consideration. This year, regular Biology is being replaced with the advanced course, Biology with Research and Forensic Science is also being added to science offerings for the first time. Forensics is open to students in grades 10, 11 & 12 who have successfully completed Biology. Advanced language students will be happy to learn that French 3 and Spanish 3 will be offered and students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in language in large blocks of time. Teachers from Dublin High School are excited about the chance to teach to advanced students in the DPIE class format.

Why Should Your Student Enroll in the STEM Academy?

Dublin High student Brian Anderson had an answer for why students should take courses in the STEM Academy. He said:

I have attended the DPIE Summer Academy at DHS for two years now, once for Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus and the other time for Physical Education. Going in, I thought five hours a day of the same subject would be exhausting over six weeks, but I found that being in the Trig/Pre-Calc. class felt more like a privilege than a chore and I can tell you it was more stimulating than I could have hoped for.

Ms. Velez, Dublin High Assistant Principal and former Trigonometry/Pre-Calculus teacher in the Academy, added her support for the summer program:

With five hours of class time, students and teachers are able to get more done and have richer conversations around material. It is a lot of fun to have students in your class who are passionate about learning. We are teaching Dublin High curriculum and it ensures that students are a rigorous program that prepares them for the next course.

Enroll Early & Save

DPIE will use tiered pricing as a way to help families save money and to encourage them to enroll early. Early enrollments affords the Academy the opportunity to identify and hire teachers in a timely manner and to make sure we have teachers who are qualified to work in the accelerated program. Because facility use charges have increased more than 100% in the last year, DPIE was forced to increase enrollment fees by $75 in an effort to keep pace with rising costs. The new fee equates to only a 9% increase in course charges, far below the increased operational costs of the Academy. Even at the new rate, Academy enrollment fees are at a minimum $600 - $700 less than what is charged by neighboring programs in the Tri Valley and Bay Area.

Enrollment Fees

  • $925 if you enroll December 1–31
  • $975 if you enoll between January 1–Feb. 28
  • $1,025 if you enroll beginning March 1

See web page for semester course pricing

Course Approvals Required

Only families who are sure their child is earning an "A" or "Strong B" in their course of study should enroll in the first enrollment period.

Please be aware the Dublin School District is requiring counselor approvals for students who want to receive course credit for courses taken during the summer in any program. The “Alternative Course/Credit Application” form can be downloaded from the Frequently Asked Questions page on our website or it can be obtained in the Dublin High Counseling Department. Since Dublin counselors won’t be approving the application form until first semester grades are uploaded to the system in January, only families who are sure their child is earning an "A" or "Strong B" in their course of study should enroll in the first enrollment period. The high school has told us the approval will still be required, but it won’t be a problem for students doing A or Strong B work.

DPIE STEM Summer Academy for high school students now open for enrollment. Courses for credit available to Dublin High School students, and courses for enrichment to students outside the district. Savings offered for early enrollment - Learn more & enroll online